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.450/.400 2 7/8" BPE

.450/.400 2 7/8 BPE Shoulder variations

Jim McCarron and Pete de Coux have pointed out that the early .450-400-2 7/8" Purdey cartridge produced by Eley Brothers, London (the two left specimens above), are different from the later Kynoch-made specimen at right. (The Eleys are not shown in either Hoyem, Volume III or Fleming’s British Sporting Rifle Cartridges). The Eleys have the shoulder further forward on the case than the Kynoch. No way could you chamber an Eley-made cartridge in a rifle chambered exactly for the dimensions of the Kynoch case. However, it is evident that the Kynoch case would chamber easily in a rifle made with the exact dimensions of the Eley-made case. The question is: were rifles actually made for .450-400 2 7/8" Purdey in two different chamber dimensions? We need a response from a Purdey rifle collector.

.450/.400 2 7/8 BPE Kynoch Box

Kynoch Kynoch Trademark

Dale J. Hedlund has written an illustrated history of KYNOCH which goes to the printer this month, January 2000. It will be in print by April 2000. It is elaborately illustrated with color and black and white photographs of the shotgun and rifle ammunition this company produced beginning in 1862. Chapter 13 titled "Gunmaker Shotgun Cartridge Headstamps" illustrates 164 proprietary shotshell headstamps produced on special order by Kynoch for gunmakers in England, Scotland, the United States and elsewhere. There are gunmakers’ names in this collection you have most likely not encountered elsewhere. How about Hooton & Jones, or Kingdon, Basingstok, or Langley, Lutton & Hitchin? There is a wealth of other information on George Kynoch and the company that bore his name. The book will be hard bound, 8 "x11", 132 pages, four-color dust jacket, first edition 500 copies. $59.95 each and $3 shipping U. S., $5 surface to other countries. You may reserve it without payment now and will be informed when it is available. 

In case you have not heard, Kynoch continues as the trade name of Kynamco, a new company under the management of David Little that is bringing back the line of Kynoch rifle cartridges once so well known around the world. The word is that some shotshells are also planned. They have already reprinted some rare catalogues and cartridge broadsides. A catalogue is available from Kynamco Ltd., P.O. Box 42, Royston, SG8 9LZ, ENGLAND (tel 44 (0) 1763 242619, Fax 44 (0) 1763 247022.

Holland 4 Bore Nitro Cartridge Box

Holland 8 bore rifle box by Kynoch


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