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9.3mm Cartridges Continued

By Brian Clark

This is my continuing article on the 9.3mm series of cartridges...

9.3 x 36R Express

Other Names
9.3 x 36R Express
9.25 x 36R
9.3 X 36R Express
9.35 X 35R
9.3 x 36.4R Express
9.35 X 35.25R
9.35 x 36.4R
DWM 178

9.3 x 36R Express



Rim Diameter 0.492 12.5
Base Diameter 0.433 11.0
Neck Diameter 0.390 9.9
Case Length 1.435 36.4
Bullet Diameter 0.366 9.3


Country of Origin: Germany
Approximate Dates: 1882 to 1925
Designer: Deutsche Waffen und Munitionsfabrik

wpeA.gif (11036 bytes)

Manufacturer: Deutsche Waffen und Munitionsfabrik
Historical Data: The 9.3 x 36R cartridge was introduced about 1882 by Lorenz and had disappeared by the mid 1920's. The cartridge only appears as a 'D' or Deutsche type. It was listed in the 1904 DWM catalog and the 1908 and 1921 RWS catalogs. There are some differing dimensions depending on the catalog used. Brad Dixon (Dixon, W. B., European Sporting Cartridges) believes that this was not a very popular cartridge because no specimens are known today.
Notes and Sources: This cartridge is based on the British 360 BPE 2 1/4 inch case.It is one of a series of cases ranging from 36mm to 85mm all based on the 360 case. There are many variations with similar names but are not interchangeable. There are three basic variations to the 360 case. The first is the 'D' type or the 'Deutsche Form'. This was the earliest type found appearing about 1878 and have a slightly wider base. The second variety is the 'E' type or 'English Form' and has a slightly narrow base. The last type is the 'Nimrod' form. The Nimrod form was the last type to be introduced which happened about 1905. The Nimrod form has a narrower rim than the previous two.There is actually a fourth type which is the 'Normalized' form which was introduced in 1925 when the 9.3 x 72R dimensions were standardized. The identification of the cartridges is done by the headstamps which will include D, E, Nimrod or N for Normalized. Of course there are variations and exceptions to this making identification difficult.


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