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.25-35 Remington Experimental .25-35 Remington Experimental

Here is an unusual cartridge that you don't see everyday. This is a .25-35 Remington Experimental with a U.M.C. headstamp. It is very similar to the .25-35 Winchester, but rimless. As you can see in the image below, the cases are nearly identical except that the .25-35 Remington Experimental has a much shorter shoulder and is rimless.


.25-35 Remington Dimensions Inches mm
Bullet Diameter 0.250 6.3
Rim Diameter 0.420 10.7
Base Diameter 0.415 10.5
Neck Diameter 0.285 7.2
Case Length 2.020 51.3
OAL 2.520 64.0

Here is a challenge to the Remington collectors out there. What firearm was this cartridge chambered in? Please let us know so we can share this with others. Please contact either George Hoyem or Brian Clark with your information and we will publish it right here.


.25-35 Remington Experiemntal in center Left: .25 Remington

Center: .25-35 Remington Experimental

Right: .25-35 Winchester


Our thanks to Rick Montgomery for sharing this rare and unusual specimen with us.

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