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.35 Remington Experimental

Brian Clark

.35 Remington Experiemntal on the right, .35 Remington on the left The left cartridge is a standard .35 Remington. The right cartridge is the .35 Remington Experimental cartridge. Note that the shoulder is much sharper , the neck is just a little longer and there is less taper to the case body. The .35 Remington Experimental cartridge was un-head stamped. When comparing just the case dimensions, the two cartridges are identical with only slight variations due to manufacturing tolerances except for case length. The .35 Remington Experimental case is a few thousandths longer.

Can any of you Remington collectors enlighten us on the history of the .35 Remington cartridge? Please contact George or Brian.


.408 Winchester

.408 Winchester Dimensions Inches mm
Bullet Diameter .400 10.2
Rim Diameter .506 12.9
Base Diameter .446 11.3
Case Mouth Diameter .430 10.9
Case Length 2.030 51.6
.408 Winchester The .408 Winchester cartridge seems to have been developed for the M1894 Winchester rifle in the 1960's. The cartridge is un-head stamped and is loaded with a soft point, jacketed bullet. Robert Buttweiler had it in one of his auctions in 1993 and the cartridge sold for $27.50.

George mentioned that it is very similar to the .444 Marlin. It is interesting to speculate on the competition Winchester and Marlin would have had if Winchester had introduced this cartridge.

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