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1" Gatling Canister

Cartridges contributed by Jeff Joralemon

1 inch Gatling Cannister

This month we have a couple of interesting cartridges. The first two were sent to us by Jeff Joralemon. The first is a 1" Gatling Canister round that is internally primed. Note the cut-away window showing the load stack inside.

Brian Clark

2 Bore Punt Gun

2 bore Punt Gun headstamp Jeff's Second cartridge is actually a whole box full of 2 Bore Punt Gun cartridges. The cartridges are 9.75 inches long and 1.5 inches in diameter. They are black powder loaded with BB shot. The headstamp is KARLSRUHE PATRONENFABRIK. The box contains ten cartridges and is marked on the top. Jeff says that they are available and to contact him if you are interested at

Brian Clark

2 bore Punt Gun box

15mm Pinfire

By Brian Clark

15 mm Pinfire cartridge
This is a 15mm Pinfire Revolver cartridge. The cartridge is by Fiocchi and the wonderful box below is by Leon Beaux & Company of Milan, Italy. Note that the caliber is a pasted on label to match the end-flap showing the 15mm cartridge. The endflap is the same on the top of the box.

I understand that there are two variations of the 15mm Pinfire, a revolver version and a carbine version. The carbine version uses a heavier and longer bullet. Does anyone have a picture that you could send us showing the two?

15 mm Pinfire Box

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