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.50 North Experimental

By Brian Clark

.50 North Experimental Semi-Rimmed This unusual and obscure cartridge is the .50 North Experimental. Little is know about this cartridge, who designed it and why. The cartridge seems to have been a British development from about 1901 through 1919 and has characteristics of British manufacture. It is known by a number of names which seems to add to the confusion as to who developed it. Some of these names are .50 Kings Norton Experimental, .500 inch Kings Norton Colt, .500 inch Colt Kynoch M 1901, .50 Kynoch and the 12.7 x 109SR. A Mr. T.K. North, a senior employee of Colt was working in London during 1901 when the cartridge was developed. It is believed that Mr. North had something to do with the cartridge's development. Some specimens are headstamped with a T. Unfortunately, there are no known British manufacturers using a T headstamp. Only Tula in Russia, Toledo in Spain and Thun in Switzerland use a T headstamp. There was a semi-rimmed and rimless version of the .50 Colt Kynoch cartridge

The .50 Colt Kynoch cartridge uses a round nosed 982 grain cupro-nickel jacketed bullet backed by 200 grains of Cordite. Cartridge dimensions follow below.

  inches mm
Caliber/Bullet 0.510 13.0
Base 0.945 24.0
Rim 0.950 24.1
Neck 0.561 14.2
Case Shoulder 0.885 22.5
Case Length 4.312 109.5

The .500 Kings Norton Colt has slightly different dimensions. It was loaded with a 977 grain bullet and 185 grains of Cordite.

  inches mm
Caliber/Bullet 0.507 12.87
Base - -
Rim 0.939 23.85
Neck - -
Case Shoulder - -
Case Length 3.5 88.9

Labbett, P., British Small Arms Ammunition 1864-1938, 1993
Huon, Jean, Military Rifle and Machine Gun Cartridges, 1988
Cartridge Courtesy of George Hoyem

If you have any information on the .50 North Experimental that you would like to share, please contact either George or myself.

Winchester Flyer

Beautiful colors and detail. George thought the .22 boxes would catch your eye.

Winchester Flyer, front and back

Winchester flyer inside left and right

Flyer is courtesy of Gilbert Oekerman. Thank's for sharing with us.

Winchester Supplemental Chamber

Winchester Supplemental Chamber, outside of the flyer

Winchester Supplemental Chamber, inside of the flyer

I was reading through the Winchester Catalogs when I ran across the Winchester Supplemental Chambers. I had not realized that Winchester had made any. I mentioned this to George and out popped this little flyer from his storehouse of information. This was a reprint included in the Winchester Catalog 1864-1918 reprint George did a few years ago.

Brian Clark

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