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9.3mm Cartridges

By Brian Clark

I was working on an ongoing project of mine and was researching information on the 9.3mm caliber series of cartridges. I had purchased an M88 rifle built by Carl Stiegele of Munich in 1892. It had been rechambered and rebored to a cartridge I was unfamiliar with. It turned out to be chambered in 9.3 x 53 Swiss. I have had a lot of fun with this cartridge, forming brass and finding bullets.

This project lead me into the world of the 9.3mm cartridges. I had believed that this would be a small, simple group of cartridges to research. Was I wrong. I turns out that there are over 40 cartridges in this caliber with some eighteen based on the British 360 Express case alone. I hope to present a brief examination of this group of cartridges.

I intend to present a couple of cartridges each month as time and space permits. I hope you find this as interesting as I have.


.360 No. 5 Revolver

Other Names
.360 No. 5 Revolver
.360 No. 5 Rook
.360 No. 5-18-125
9.25 x 26.5 R.360/No. 5
9.3 x 26.5

.360 No. 5 Revolver



Rim Diameter 0.432 11.0
Base Diameter 0.380 9.7
Neck Diameter 0.376 9.6
Case Length 1.050 26.7
Bullet Diameter 0.360 9.1


Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Approximate Dates: 1878 to 1962
Designer: The designer is unknown

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Manufacturer: There were many manufacturers such as Kynoch and Eley.
Historical Data: It is not known exactly when or whom developed the .360 No. 5 Rook or Revolver cartridge. Because of the cartridge's dual naming the situtation is confused. It was used in British revolvers and was even used at a match at Wimbledon in 1878.
The .360 No. 5 cartridge is found in a number of different loadings from lead round nosed bullets, hollow point, shot, and blanks. Bill Fleming lists 17 different variations in bullet and powder. Black powder, Cordite, Axite and Revolver Neonite by Nobel was used to load the cartridges. Both Eley and Kynoch manufactured the cartridge.
Notes and Sources: Dixon, W. B., European Sporting Cartridges
Fleming, Bill, British Sporting Rifle Cartridges
Nobel Industries Limited, Sporting Ammunition, (Kynoch - Eley), 1925
Hoyem, George, The History and Development of Small Arms Ammunition, Vol. 3, 1982


Bullet Weight Bullet Type Velocity Powder Powder Weight Company
82 grains Lead, RN   black 9.3 grains Cogswell & Harrison
145 grains Lead, RN 1030 fps smokeless 5 grains Kynoch
145 grains Lead, HP 1030 fps smokelsee 5 grains Kynoch
134 grains Lead, RN 1030 fps black 15 grains Kynoch
134 grains Lead, HP 1030 fps black 15 grains Kynoch
125 grains Lead, RN 1050 fps black 16 grains Kynoch

Data taken from Kynoch and Eley catalogs. Not responsible for loading data. Use at your own risk

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