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.270 Newton

    By Brian Clark

.270 Newton Dimensions



Caliber/Bullet Diameter: 0.275 7.0
Rim Diameter: 0.525 13.3
Base Diameter: 0.525 13.3
Case Shoulder Diameter: 0.497 12.6
Neck Diameter: 0.305 7.7
Case Length: 2.560 65.0

.270 Newton cartridge and headstamp

A few weeks ago I came across a Speer box of .270 Newton cartridges. I have never seen or heard of a .270 Newton. I know that Speer made .30 and .35 Newton cartridges but I have never seen a .270 Newton made by Speer listed. The .270 Newton seems to be based on the .30 Newton since it has the same case base and rim dimensions. George Hoyem told me that the .270 Newton was a Speer development and never went anywhere. The illustrated .270 Newton cartridge seen on the left is loaded with a 130 grain Remington Bronze Point bullet.

Newton designed a series of cartridges ranging from .22 caliber to .40 caliber. These cartridges were the .22 Savage Hi-Power, .22 Newton, .250-3000 Savage, 256 Newton, .280 Newton, .30 Newton, .33 Newton .35 Newton and the .40 Newton. 

I do not know who made the Newton cartridges under the Newton name but later, other companies made Newton ammunition. Western made the .257 Newton, the .30 Newton and the .35 Newton. Speer made the .30 Newton and the .35 Newton as well as the .270 Newton. Speer may have made others. 

If you have any photos of Newton boxes or information on Newton cartridges, I would like to hear from you. I will add any information you send to this article.

Brian Clark

Speer .270 Newton box

Western .30 Newton box

Newton Arms Co. box of .30 Newton

Western box of .276 Newton

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