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.32-40 Case Length Question

Peters .32-40 headstamp

John Witzel writes;

"I have a Peters .32-40 cartridge I can't identify. It is 2.5mm or 0.10" longer than the standard .34-40 Ballard or Winchester but the headstamp is the same. It is the same length as the .32-40 Ballard cartridge illustrated in The History and Development of Small Arms Ammunition, Volume 4 on page 51 which is identifed as being a .32-40-165 Ballard 2.59". I always thought Winchester and Ballard .32-40 were the same length case. Also, I didn't think Peters ever made a Ballard length .32-40. 

 If you can help me identify it I would greatly appreciate it."

The case on the left is a .32-40-165 Ballard identified by the paper patched bullet, Middle is a .32-40 Winchester and the Right case in the mystery case with the Peters headstamp.

Please contact us if you have any thoughts or information on this case length question.

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