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More Speer - Newton Boxes
Here is another group of Newton boxes. The Speer cartridges were probably made by Dominion. It seems that Speer and Dominion had a close working relationship. Western was also a Newton manufacturer as was Remington - UMC.

Western .256 Newton box

Newton .256 Newton box.

The image above is a original Newton manufactured box of .257 Newton cartridges.

Speet .30 Newton box

Speer .30 Newton box

Western .30 Newton box

Speer .35 Newton box

Speer .35 Newton box

An unusual Model 95 Winchester

In the Fall 1957 the publisher went wild boar and red deer hunting in European Turkey near the Black Sea coast northwest of Istanbul.  This Turkish hunter, his name long forgotten, had this interesting Model 95 Winchester.  It is one of the 7.62 Russian models Winchester made for Russia during WWI.  A blacksmith shop gunsmith had converted it to a rifle/shotgun by welding on a breech face to the lower part of the original bolt, mounted a 16 gauge shotgun barrel under the rifle barrel after removing the box magazine, and then made double triggers for it.  It was not a very handsome piece but it worked.  He hunted boar and the red deer and keklik (Hungarian partridge to us), but all with the shot barrel, no doubt using slugs for big game.  So another Model 95 is probably still in service there.  

An unusual Model 95 Winchester


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