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.44-100 Model 1882 Maynard

The .44-100-2.81" Model 1882 Maynard is a slight embarrassment to old George because he missed it for Volume Four.  It is in a drawing in Richard King's earlier softcover book on Maynard cartridges so I should not have missed it.  I did because it does not appear in any of the catalogues.  It must have been a late comer to the line, perhaps a special order.  Oddly, I discovered a Maynard 82 rifle in Maryville north of Everett two years ago.  It had over 40 of the .44-100 cases with it, and two other barrels as well--the .22-10 and the .32-35.  The rifle went to Judge Bob Holter in Great Falls (a college mate of mine) and I have spread a lot of the cartridges around.  I still have some .44-100s here that belong to the original owner at $125 a shot.  That's their value in Gun Report and Buttweiler's catalogs. 

I suppose this was about the world's supply of .44-100-2.8" Maynards, there being but few others known.



.44-100 Model 1882 Maynard cartridge

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