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A collection of box images provided by Guy Hildebrand. For those of you who have not run across Guy's web page, you are in for a treat. You can find Guy's web site at 'The Cartridge Collectors Exchange' Thanks Guy for sharing these images with us.

Here is an early .257 Remington Roberts cartridge and box. Note the .25 Roberts name. I believe that this was the first issue of the cartridge and box by Remington.

.25 Roberts cartridge

.25 Roberts box

Here is a very interesting box. Originally labeled for 38 Smith & Wesson cartridges, it was marked on both the top and bottom end panels in pen '35 S&W.AUTO F.P. MADE BY W.R.A.Co.' and stamped 'OCT 11 1913'. The label has a '7-7' date code in the lower right corner, and is marked 'Pat. June 28, 1910' (Lesmok patent date??).

According to Dan Shuey, author of the new book W.R.A.Co. Headstamped Cartridges and Their Variations, this box was likely used to hold .35 S&W cartridges in Winchester's reference collection, which was housed in a room that came to be called 'the Vault'. According to Dan, the boxes used to store the collection were mostly 32 and 38 Smith & Wesson boxes, as well as some 38 Merwin & Hulbert boxes. These boxes tend to be in 'minty' condition when found, as this one is.

.35 S&W Auto cartridges in a .38 S&W box.


This is a box of .38 Extra Long shot cartridges by the American Metallic Cartridge Co.

.38 XL Shot cartridge by American Metallic Cartridge Co.

A box of .38 XL Shot cartridges by American Metallic Cartridge Co.

The endflap of a box of .38 XL Shot cartridges by American Metallic Cartridge Co.

How often do you see a 9.8mm Colt Auto box?

9.8mm Colt Auto cartridge.

A box of 9.8mm Colt Auto cartridges.

Here's a beauty. This US Cartridge Company box has a lot going for it - its full of Farrington primed 50-70 cartridges, has a gorgeous orange label, and is the Frazier's patent style with the wound piece of cardboard inside to separate the cartridges.

A USCCo box of .50-70 Government cartridges.


Thanks again Guy for sharing these photos with us.

If anyone else out there would like to share images of cartridges or boxes, please send them to George Hoyem at Armory Publications or to Brian Clark and we would be happy to post them here on the web.

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