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Eighteen rare and unobtainable sporting firearms trade catalogues produced with their color covers in two 9 x 12 inch, hardbound, tartan red volumes totaling 1,024 pages.

This is Part I of a two-part study. The first book contains six rare trade catalogues and a 1906 handbook in a single 9" x 12" hardbound volume of 486 pages.

 British Sporting Guns & Rifles, Volume 1

The following catalogs are contained in Part 1:

Holland & Holland Martini action rifle

W. J. Jeffery, London 1910 - 11, 92 pages illustrating the full line of shotguns, rifles, their proprietary cartridges from .600 Nitro Express to .255 Rook, accessories, loading tools, requisites and handguns.

Jeffery's .600 Cordite

Holland & Holland, London 1904, 113 pages. Last offering of black powder hammer shotguns and rifles. Hammerless double and magazine rifles and cartridges, the Paradox from 8 to 20 bore.

Joseph Lang & Son, London, 1902, 30 pages, large format. Hammer and hammerless double barrel shotguns and rifles, a falling block single shot rifle and the "Afrindia" ball-and-shot gun.

Eley Brothers, London, 1910-11, 92 pages. Eleys full line of shotgun, rifle and handgun ammunition, loading tools and ballistics tables. Two pages in color.

Ely Trademark

Webley & Scott, Birmingham & London, 1922, the catalogue devoted to double barrel shotguns and rifles, and the Webley falling block single shot rifle. Two color, 24 pages.

Webly & Scott Trademark

J. Dickson & Son, Edinburgh, 1929, 24 pages. The round action double-barrel shotguns, double and magazine rifles, a part in color, proprietary shotshells, taxidermy, shooting requisites.

The Gun Trade Handbook, 1906, published by Birmingham & Provincial Gunmakers Assn., 74 pages describing the association, history of the Birmingham proof house, proof of barrels, English, Belgian, German, French proof marks, English and Metric dimensions and weights, loading instructions for nitro-compounds, colonial import duties on arms and ammunition, foreign tariff rates and import duties, regulations for travelers regarding arms and ammunition and a history of the National Rifle Association.

Ball Guns, Rifles, and Ball-and-Shot Guns, five pages, an illustrated study of projectiles from 4 bore to 28 bore and descriptions of the firearms in which they were used.

Holland & Holland 8 bore Paradox


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