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The History & Development of Small Arms Ammunition, Volume One, G. A. Hoyem, 1981. An 8 1/2”x11” case bound, 230-page book illustrating and describing 282 cartridges from the flintlock, percussion muzzleloaders and breechloaders through the military rim fire worldwide, along with 110 photographs and drawings of the firearms that fired them.  A second edition of 2005 includes 120 specimens added in color.  In print.  $60.

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  The History & Development of Small Arms Ammunition, Volume Two, 1982.  An 8 1/2x11” case bound, 330-page volume illustrating and describing over 600 black powder center fire cartridges and 70 rifles of 29 nations from ca 1866 to 1885.  Out of print. 

Modern Guns, 1914, Fred Adolph, 1984.  Fred Adolph issued his MODERN GUNS, a 67-page 9 ”x10 ” photo-illustrated catalogue in 1914.  Adolph, a German-trained gun maker and engraver, set up business in Genoa, New York.  The combination rifle/shotguns and double rifles and shotguns he offered were produced in Germany and shipped to him.  Reprinted in 1983.  Out of print.  Recently reprinted by German Gun Collectors Association, See   

  Eley Brothers, Ltd., 1910-11.  This is a reprint of Eley’s 92-page 8 ”x11” perfect bound illustrated catalogue, produced in 1984.  It was discovered among 400 old books in Central Loan on First Avenue in Seattle, Washington.  Out of print. 

Winchester Shotguns and Shotshells, Ronald W. Stadt, 1984. This was the first book by another author. Dr. Stadt, professor of education at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, had collected Winchester shotguns and accessories for many years. The first edition is 8 ”x11”, case bound in red cloth, 184 pages.  It photo-illustrates and describes the shotguns from the hammer double barrel to the Model 59—113 specimens illustrated including the Winchester cannon—with over 70 shot shell specimens, 41 box labels, the engraving designs, advertising displays and catalogue covers.  Out of print.   See the internet booksellers,, and


The History & Development of Small Arms Ammunition, Volume Three. 1985. This is a 220-page 8 ”x11” case bound book illustrating and describing over 420 British sporting rifle cartridges from the 4 bore to 297/.230 plus 110 box labels, over 20 of the rifles that fired them and a number of loading tools.  A third edition with color dust jacket and frontispiece pages is in print. 


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British Falling Block Breech-loading Rifles, Jonathan Kirton, 1985.  A 242-page 8 ”x11” volume bound in red simulated leather.  It covers the falling block single shot rifle designs of England and Scotland with large photographs, patent drawings, many of the proprietary cartridges and their box labels and histories of the inventors and companies.  First edition out of print. See and other internet booksellers.


Evolution of The Winchester, R. Bruce McDowell, 1985.  A 208-page 8 ”x11” book  that covers development of the tubular magazine rifle from the Walter Hunt “Volitional Repeater” firing a loaded and primed ball, the Lewis-Jennings, Smith-Jennings, Volcanic pistols, the pistols and long arms of the New Haven Arms Company, the Henry rifle, the Model 1866 through 1876 Winchesters, the Tiesing, Bullard and short-lived Remington and Stevens lever action rifles and finally the Italian Venditti pistols. A limited edition of leather bound, slipcased books exists.  Out of print. 

  Holland & Holland Ltd, 1904, 1986.  An 8 ”x11” hard cover reprint of Holland & Holland’s 1904 trade catalogue of 82 pages illustrating and describing the double shotguns and rifles, single shot Rook rifles, the big game bolt action and single shot rifles, punt guns, Webley, Webley-Fosbery and Colt revolvers, and a section on the cartridges from 8 bore down.  Out of print. 
  Cartridges For Small Arms, Patents, 1848-1877, United States Patent Office, 1986  .  This is a case bound reprint of the United States Patent Office publication of 1878 which contains the complete texts and drawings of the 286 United States patents granted for small arms ammunition from 1848 through 1877. It was evidently assembled as a way of informing the inventing public of what was already protected, thus reducing the number of rejections. It is 8”x11”, 890 pages.  Limited to 600 copies and 75 three-quarter leather bound.  An author index was compiled by Robert T. Buttweiler and added later.  Out of print.
  The Rimfire Cartridge in the United States and Canada, John L. Barber, 1987.  An 8 ” x 11” case bound book of 221 pages covering the history of 40 companies in the United States and Canada from 1857 to 1984.  Cartridge specimens attributed to each company are in actual-size photographs.  The book concludes with some specimens produced in other countries, and unidentified specimens.  Since its publication collectors have disputed some of his claims but nothing has been published.  Out of print.

Breech-loading Carbines of the United States Civil War Period, Brig. Gen. John Pitman, 1987.  This is volume one of a study by General Pitman on U. S. martial small arms and ammunition from 1776 to 1933.  General Pitman, 1842-1933, had a 39-year career as an ordnance officer with the United States army.  This 11” x 8 ” book of 94 pages, single sided, contains his drawings of the Civil War carbines, their ammunition and cartridge box labels.  Thomas Publications, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, published others of General Pitman’s studies.  Out of print.


Cartridges of the Gras System, Christian Ramio and Philippe Mention, translated from the French by H. Bernard Malric, 1988.  A 147-page 8 ” x 11” volume that covers development with photographs and drawings of the 11x58R center fire cartridge for the French Gras rifle adopted in 1873.  The French text is in the right column, the English translation in the left.

Out of Print


Westley Richards Guns & Rifles, 1812-1912, 1988.  This is a reprint of the 211-page 8 ”x11” trade catalogue illustrating and describing the Westley Richards single and double shotguns, rifles, the single shot big game and Rook rifles, their bolt actions, and the arms of other makers that they marketed, including semi-automatic pistols of American and continental Europe make, U. S. and English revolvers, taxidermy and all kinds of accessories.  Perfect bound with a limited edition of 300 copies case bound in green cloth. 

Out of print.

  Manton & Company, 13 Old Court House Street, Calcutta and Kamshir Gate, Delhi, 1926-27, 1988.   Another reprint of a rare catalogue.  Price List of Guns, Rifles, Ammunition and Sporting Goods.  The book is 8 3/8”x13, perfect bound in the original green, 136 pages.  This is a general sales catalogue for the Indian sportsman with firearms produced by English companies, American (Winchesters), British cartridges, revolvers and automatic pistols, swords and spears,  polo sticks, loading apparatus and other accessories. 
Out of print.
  Cartridges For Breech-loading Rifles, 1868, Capt. A. Mattenheimer Bavarian Infantry. 1989.  An English translation by Robert A. Hoyem of “Die Patronen der Rűckladungs – Gewehre” with the original text in German at the back.  A 7 ”x10 ” case bound book of 80 pages with drawings of the ammunition specimens.  The first book devoted to ammunition. 
Out of print. 
  The M16 Rifle and Its Cartridge, David R. Hughes, 1990.  Colonel  Hughes, United States Air Force retired, came to Armory Publications with his 294-page book in 1989 and it was in print in 1990. He covered the M16 rifle from its earliest experimentals and included color illustrations of some 150 cartridge variations from his extensive collection.  David died in a plane crash at Long Beach, California airport in November 1996.  Out of print.   


Catalogues, W. R. A. Co., 1865-1918 (12 volumes), 1991.  This is a reprint of ten leather-bound volumes of Winchester trade catalogues dating from 1865 through 1910 that were found in the company’s patent library when it was sold to United States Repeating Arms Company in 1981.  Two additional volumes covering 1911 through 1918 were added later.  The books are 5 ”x8” case bound in leather-effect tan cloth and cover 30 inches of shelf space.  They illustrate and describe everything the company produced and marketed during those first 53 years—firearms, ammunition, loading tools, sights and accessories.  Published in 1990 and 1991 in an edition of 600 sets.  Out of print.  Sets from estates are consigned to the publisher from time to time for sale. Inquiries welcome.


British Small Arms Ammunition, 1866-1938, Peter Labbett, 1993.  The author, a former British infantry officer, assembled a comprehensive photo-illustrated study of British ammunition from the .577 Snider through rifle, handgun, anti-tank and machine gun cartridges to 20mm.  He brought it to Armory Publications and the 8 ”x11” hardcover, 352-page book was in print by 1992.  It is the broadest study of small arms ammunition produced for any nation. 


Patents For Inventions (Small Arms), 1855-1930 (seven volumes and alphabetical index), 1993.  This set was produced in soft cover, 7”x9” volumes by the British Patent Office in 1934 to inform the inventing public of what had already been protected, thus reducing the number of rejections.  George Kass lent this publisher his massive set in two hard cover volumes.  A larger size seemed appropriate so the seven hard cover volumes of the reprint are 8 ”x11”.  They contain summarized descriptions and the essential drawings of 7,980 British, German, Austrian, French, Italian and other continental European patents as well as several hundred by American inventors who protected their ideas with the British Patent Office.  A separate 35-page alphabetical index of inventors and patent numbers allows any patent to be located. In print. 


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Cartridge Catalogues, 1996.  This is a book whose existence is owed to the generosity of many people who allowed this compiler to copy great rarities in their collections, among them Gilbert Oekermann, the late Tom Dunn, Robert Buttweiler, Richard King, Jack Brickell, Ron Geldmacher and Ian Wright. The 476-page 9”x12” book containing the complete texts of 18 American, British, Canadian and German catalogues weighs six pounds.  It is covered in red leather-effect cloth with gold stamping.  The catalogues are:  Chamberlain Cartridge Company, 1886, Union Metallic Cartridge Company, 1890, Eley Brothers, 1892, Winchester Repeating Arms Company, 1894, Remington Arms Company, 1886 and 1905, Hoxie Expanding Bullets, 1907, United States Cartridge Company, 1914, Fred Adolph Cartridges, 1914, Dominion Ammunition, 1930, Jeffery’s .600 Nitros, 1903, 1927, Halger (Halbe & Gerlich), 1925, Peters Ammunition, 1930, Deutsches Waffen und Munitions (DWM), 1939, Brenneke, 1925, Simson’s .600 Nitro, 1920s.

Out of Print


British Sporting Rifle Cartridges, Bill Fleming, 1993.  When Bill saw Volume Three of “The History & Development…” he decided to do his own book on the subject.  He had specimens I had not discovered and, being a mechanical engineer, decided to include bullet, charge and head stamp variations and British box codes by caliber.  I was glad to publish it form him.  A 311-page 8 ”x11” case bound book, it appeared in 1993. 

Out of print.



Winchester Repeating Arms Co., 1928-29, 1995.  This is a reprint of the 233-page Winchester salesman’s catalogue which Bob Borcherdt lent me.  Winchester had purchased Simmons Hardware Company after WWI and was offering all kinds of cutlery (280 pocket knife designs), fishing tackle, skates, flashlights and small tools, and the full line of sporting firearms and ammunition.  It is an 8 ”x11”  hard bound book in dark blue leather-effect cloth with red and gold title stamping on the cover and spine matching the original.  This was Winchester’s final catalogue before it filed for bankruptcy in 1929.  It reappeared as Winchester-Western in 1931 and the line of hardware was dropped.  Four copies available as of October 20, 2010.

Out of Print



British Sporting Guns & Rifles, Part One and British Sporting Guns & Rifles, Part Two, 1996.  This is a collection in two 9”x12” hard cover volumes of 18 British gun makers’ trade catalogues dating from 1902 to 1934, “The Gun Trade Hand Book” of 1906 and a study titled “Ball Guns, Rifles, and Ball-and-Shot Guns” by the publisher.  There are 486 pages in Part One and 517 in Part Two.  The catalogues are:  John Dickson, Edinburgh, 1929, Holland & Holland, 1904, Jeffery’s Guns & Rifles, 1910-11, Webley and Scott, 1922, Purdey Guns & Rifles, 1932, Westley Richards & Co., 1909, Lancaster’s The Gun House, 1924, George Gibbs, 1927, W. W. Greener, 1920, B.S.A. Rifles and Shotguns, 1931, G. & S. Holloway, 1930, John Rigby & Co., Sporting Guns, 1934, Magazine Rifles, 1932, Double Rifles, 1932 and Walter Locke & Co., Ltd. 1925.  The two volumes weigh eight pounds. 

Out of print. 

  European Sporting Cartridges, Volumes One and Two by W. B. (Brad) Dixon, an officer in the New Zealand Air Force.  Brad’s first volume covers German and Austrian sporting center fire ammunition from 1870 to 1995.  It illustrates and describes 550 case types.  An appendix lists the G. Roth and Hirtenberger and DWM case type numbers as well as examples of head stamps by other makers. The second volume covers the same subject for Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Russia, Czechoslovakia, France and Belgium.  The books are 9” x 12”, case bound in dark red cloth with gold stamping.  Brad agreed to adding a number of patent drawings and descriptions of ammunition and magazine designs as well as photographs of a number of German-made double rifles and combination guns.  Volume One was in print in 1997 and Volume Two followed in 2000. 
Out of print.
  The History & Development of Small Arms Ammunition, Volume Four, G. Hoyem.  A book on American black powder sporting rifle cartridges finally got its start in 1997 with the help of numerous friends who allowed me to photograph rifles and cartridges in their collections.  The book begins with Dr. Edward Maynard and his rifles and cartridges and follows on through Sharps Rifle Company, Remington Arms Company, Frank Wesson, J. Stevens Arms & Tool Company, Ballard and Marlin single shot rifles and cartridges, Providence Tool Company (Peabody rifles and cartridges), W. Milton Farrow, Winchester Repeating Arms Company, Bullard Repeating Arms Company, Burgess and Kennedy Lever Action Rifles, Marlin Lever Action Rifles and their cartridges, Colt’s Patent Fire-Arms Company, Savage Arms Company, and Union Metallic Cartridge Company.  The book illustrates and describes 259 American center fire cartridges.  Appendix A covers a collection of 103 primitives and 64 needle fires from 1 inch to 5mm that were not available for Volume One in 1981.  The book is 8 ”x11”, case bound in Bavarian green leather-effect cloth, 235 pages.  It was in print in 1999.  Out of print.

Kynoch, Dale R. Hedlund, 2000.  This is a a photo- and drawing-illustrated study of George Kynoch and the 100-year history of the company bearing his name from its beginnings in 1862.  The author was a shot shell collector and the emphasis in the book is on that subject.  In addition to the cartridges and their box labels there are many pages of proprietary head stamps as well as handgun cartridge and .22 rim fire box labels.  The book is 9”x12”, hard cover in red cloth, 130 pages. 

Out of print.                 


German and Austrian Gun makers’ Trade Catalogues, Hans Pfingsten, George Hoyem, 2002.  Hans was a student of German sporting firearms.  This publisher has always been fascinated with the subject so we  decided to put together a book containing some of the best trade catalogues of German sporting arms makers.  We selected E. Schmidt & Habermann and Greifelt & Co. of the 1930s, Joh. Springer’s Erben (family) of Austria, 1914 and Friedrich Welhelm Heym of the 1930s.  To these we added two sporting ammunition makers’ catalogues—Gustav Genschow & Co. (GECO) of the 1930s and Deutsche Metallpatronenfabrik, Lorenz, 1886—the first of the DWM catalogues.  The Schmidt & Habermann and Greifelt are in German, French, English and Italian. Together they form the only reference available on the variety of combination rifle/shotguns, double rifles and shot guns and single shot rifles produced in Germany and Austria.  George laid out the book, Hans added some photographs of firearms in his collection, and it was in print in 2002 under Han’s publishing name, Jaeger Press.  The book is still available.


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  British Cartridge Boxes, Packets, Tropical Tins and Rifles, 2005.  In 2004 Will Gay of Anchorage, Alaska sent George Hoyem photographs of 83 British cartridge packets, boxes and tropical tin labels he had collected over the years.  Each of them was full, unopened. George arranged them into a 24-page 8 ”x11” soft cover book as an addendum to Volume Three, “The History & Development of Small Arms Ammunition.”


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