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German and Austrian Gunmakers Trade Catalogs

German and Austrian Gunmakers book cover

Barrel patterns

This is a 252 page 11" x 8.5 " case bound book with a four color dust jacket, compiled by Hans E. Pfingsten and George A. Hoyem, containing five illustrated gunmakers trade catalogues dating from 1914 to 1935, three of them export issues in German, English, French and Spanish. They are: E. Schmidt & Habermann, Greifelt & Co., Freidrich W. Heim, Simson & Co., all of Suhl, Germany, and Johann Springer Erben, Vienna, Austria. Also included are the rifle case types from teh 1933 Gustav Genschow (GECO) and the 1886 (first issue) catalogue of the ammunition maker, Lorenz of Karlsruhe. The only Internationally usefull source for the collector and shooter of German/Austrian break open single shot and double rifles, the rifle/shotgun drilling and vierling (three and four barrel combinitation guns) with sectioned drawings of actions, lockups, safety systems, barrel selectors, sights, engraving patterns and the cartridges made for these guns.

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Engraved shotgun action

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Schmidt catalogueE. Schmidt & Habermann, Suhl, 1920's, 35 pages in German, English and French showing all grades from machine made to Model Diamond with the richest engraving.

Griefelt catalogueGreifelt & Co., Suhl, ca. 1930. 80 pages in English, French and Spanish. A specialty was over and under shotguns with elaborate game scene, oak leaf/floral, medieval and North American Indian motif engraving patterns.

Springer catalogueJohann Springer's Erben, Vienna 1914, in German. 32 pages illustrating, among other models, their single and double barrel rifles chambered for the Springer proprietary cartridges, also illustrated.

Simson catalogueSimson & Co., Suhl, ca. 1925 in English, distributed by their American representative, Iver Johnson, Worcester, Mass. 22 pages of side by side shotguns, and a drilling with elaborate engraving patterns.

Heym catalogueFriedrich Wilh. Heym, Suhl, 1920's, in German. 28 pages of rifles, shotguns, combination guns, single shot target and bolt action hunting rifles with their full range of engraving styles.

Geco catalogueGustav Genschow & Co. (GECO), Hamburg. 26 pages of rifle case types, shotshells and the Brenneke rifled slug cartridge (Flintenlauf Geschoss).

Lorenz catalogueDeutsche Metallpatronenfabrik Lorenz, Karlsruhe, Catalog 1 (later DWM) 18 pages of case type illustrations and descriptions from 1886. Includes added text in English.

This book concludes with a five page German-English glossary of 269 words and terms.

ISBN 0-939683-20-2

$49.95, plus $4 shipping to US Destinations. Please contact for shipping quotes for priority mail, or to international destinations.

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