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Volume Three, Second Edition

*  8.5x11 inches, 235 pages, hard bound in deep green with four-color dust jacket.

*  440 centerfire cartridges illustrated and described from 4 bore (1inch) down to 297/.230 Morris, along with  33 double- and single-shot rifles, 16 loading tools, and the box, packet and tropical tin labels. 

*   Dimensions tables are the back of the book.

British Centerfire hunting and target cartridges illustrated on the reverse cover.

*   Additions and corrections have been made to the earlier edition, among them a more accurate identification of what has been popularly labeled as the ".500 Jeffery." 

*   With the book comes a separate 24-page, 8 1/2x11" supplement in full color illustrating 83 British rifle cartridge boxes, packets and tropical tins, actual size, along with a number of British single shot and double-barrel rifles, also in color.  This collection was discovered after publication of the book. 

*    Included also is a current Value Guide to the specimens illustrated and described. 


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