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Copies of the old American, British and German gun catalogues shown here can be had for the prices quoted. These are done on a copier that gives the best resolution available, and the cover, if available, is in the original colors. I will trade for copies of catalogues I don’t have. If you need a catalogue not listed, please inquire because I am adding more all the time. If you live elsewhere than the U.S., Please add $1 per catalogue shipping surface parcel rate. If you want your catalogues by air, please add $3 per catalogue. Visa and MasterCard are the best way to pay; otherwise, cheque in U.S. funds always welcome. Call anytime to 406-549-7670, or e-mail to


W.& C. Scott & Son, 1873. A case bound catalogue issued by William Read & Sons, Agents, Boston with 47 pages of double shotguns, one double rifle and a Martini-action sporting rifle. Illustrated with steel engravings. Testimonials, a visit to the Scott factory, and "Selecting A Gun." Copy for $20.

J.& W. Tolley, Birmingham, ca 1900. An 8 1/2"xlI, 30-page catalogue of the hammer and hammerless double rifles and shotguns, the "Ubique" ball-and-shot gun, pistols and revolvers, U. S. and British; rifle cartridges and accessories, all in large illustrations. Cover is a replacement, the original is missing. Copy for $20.

Jeffery's Rifles

W. J. Jeffery & Co., Ltd., 1928. An 8 1/2’’x 11" 80-page catalogue, gray cover. This is the issue that introduced the .500 Jeffery magazine rifle and cartridge (the 12.7x70 Schuler) together with the full line of double shotguns and rifles, the ball-and-shot gun, imported German and U. S. rifles, handguns, accessories and ammunition. Copy for $25.

Joseph Lang & Son Ltd., 1923. 9 3/4" x 6" gray cover, 37 pages. Double shotguns and rifles with Lang’s single trigger, ejector, and detachable side lock; the "Under and Over", the new .470 bore rifle, and five pages of the cartridges and projectiles from .600 to .280. $15.

Joseph Lang

Holland & Holland Ltd., 1923. 9 3/4" x 7 3/8", 32 pages. The hammerless double shotguns and rifles, nitro Paradox, magnum Mauser magazine rifles, telescope and peep sights, try guns, the shooting grounds, and Badminton shooting school. Light tan cover with the medieval hunter and his dog on cover. $15.

Cogswell & Harrison Ltd., ca. 1910. An 8 % 11, 64-page catalogue, light brown cover illustrated with photographs and steel engravings. All hammerless shotguns and rifles, bolt rifles, rook rifles, try guns, and the "Cosmos" ball-and-shot gun, auto pistols and revolvers, all illustrated in steel engravings near actual size. Copy for $25.

Vickers Armstrong Limited, 1929. An 8 " x 10 "issue, 24 pages, cord bound of double shotguns, magazine rifles, Martini-action .300 Sherwood, and Martini-action .22 target rifles. $15.

Bentley & Playfair (Isaac Hollis & Bentley & Playfair amalgamated 1911). A hard cover 7 x"x9 1/2" 46-page catalogue of the double shotguns and rifles, a ball-and-shot gun, a cape gun (16 bore and .450 Martini-Henry) and a falling block single shot rifle on the Webley action, Rook rifles, engraving patterns, all photo illustrated. Red cloth cover. Copy for $20.

German and Austrian Gunmakers Trade Catalogs

German and Austrian Gunmakers book cover

Barrel patterns

This is a 252 page 11" x 8.5 " case bound book with a four color dust jacket, compiled by Hans E. Pfingsten and George A. Hoyem, containing five illustrated gunmakers trade catalogues dating from 1914 to 1935, three of them export issues in German, English, French and Spanish. They are: E. Schmidt & Habermann, Greifelt & Co., Freidrich W. Heim, Simson & Co., all of Suhl, Germany, and Johann Springer Erben, Vienna, Austria. Also included are the rifle case types from teh 1933 Gustav Genschow (GECO) and the 1886 (first issue) catalogue of the ammunition maker, Lorenz of Karlsruhe. The only Internationally usefull source for the collector and shooter of German/Austrian break open single shot and double rifles, the rifle/shotgun drilling and vierling (three and four barrel combinitation guns) with sectioned drawings of actions, lockups, safety systems, barrel selectors, sights, engraving patterns and the cartridges made for these guns. Engraved shotgun action

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German and Austrian Gunmakers Trade Catalogs can be ordered for $59.95 with $3.00 next day shipping in the U.S., $8.00 to other countries. Contact either Armory Publications or Jaeger Press at  49131 Recuerdo Lane, Morongo Valley, CA  92256, Telephone (760) 363-6018, FAX (760) 363-6886, email:
ISBN 0-939683-20-2


Massachusetts Arms Co.—Maynard Firearms, 1885, 5x7, 40 pp. Copy for $17.


Remington Arms Company, May 1896. 9 1/4"x 10 1/2", 36 pp. Copy for $17.


Remington Arms Company, 1905. 6 7/8" x 8", 63 pp. red cover. Copy for $22.

Savage Arms

Savage Rifles--Savage Arms Company, 1905. 8 5/8"x5 1/2", 56 pp. Copy for $22.

Marlin Firearms

The Marlin Firearms Company, 1905. 5 1/8"x 8", 131 pp. Copy for $27.

Stevens Shotguns 1912 catalog

J. Stevens Arms & Tool Co., Rifle Catalog, 1910. 8 1/2"x7/18", 47 pp. Copy for $22.

J. Stevens Arms & Tool Co. Telescope Sights, 7"x5", 32 pp. Copy for $17.

Griffin & Howe, ca 1930. 8 7/8"x5 15/16", 24 pp. Copy $15.It F.

Sedgley, Inc., 1930s. Their Springfield spoilers and sub-caliber barrel for .45 and .38 Colt auto pistol. Copy $12.

The Syracuse Gun Company’s Hammerless Guns, ea. 1908. 9"x7 5/8", 50 pp. Double-barrel shotguns, plain 00 grade to Grade D. Cover missing and edges chipped but all pages present. Copy for $22.

Ithaca Guns

Ithaca Guns, Ithaca Gun Company, 1906. 8 1/4"x7", 22 pp. Grades 7, the top of the line, to the New Model Field gun. Copy for $15.

L.C. Smith







L. C. Smith Guns, The Hunter Arms Co., 1906. 6"x7/3/4", 34 pp. All models from A3 single trigger to 0 and 00 grades. Copy for $17.

Fox Gun

The Fox Gun. A. H. Fox Co. 9 1/2"x6 5/8", 28 pp. The Sterlingworth to F grade. Copy for $15.

Parker Guns, Parker Brothers, 1931. 9"x5 7/8", 32 pp. Blue/green cover of geese flying. Coven the models from Al Special to P. H. Copy for $22.

Stevens Shotguns, 1912, J. Stevens Arms & Tools Co., 7 5/8"x5 7/8", 50 pp. From the slide-action hammerless to the single-barrel and double-barrel guns, hammer and hammerless. Copy for $22.

HENRY-WINCHESTER A four-color lithograph of the Model 1866 Winchester rifle printed in 1870 for the Royal Dutch Military Academy. Measures 15" x 19", three views—action open, closed and sectioned--printed on natural card stock paper, suitable for framing. $28 shipped in U.S., $30 to other countries, or an alternate choice to go free with any book worth $60 or more.

CUSTOM RIFLE GAZETTE, 1995. The first and only issue produced of this 150-page photo-Illustrated, perfect bound study of the modern custom rifle and production of the double rifle. Remainder copies, $25 shipped anywhere, or a choice as a free book with a $60 or more purchase.

Hibbard, Spencer and Bartlett, Chicago, 1884. 90 pp., 8 1/2" x 11". A catalogue of shotguns, rifles, revolvers, ammunition and sporting goods, representing all U. S. makers and English makers of the double-barrel shotgun. Leading tools, accessories, gun parts, eases. Copy for $27.

SMITH & WESSON, 1883. A 17" x 22" single-sided broadsheet illustrating seven revolver models including the No 3, or Army revolver, with detachable stock, and the "NEW REPEATING RIFLE" with the shoulder stock, tang sight, forearm and 16" or 18" barrel. Also the reloading tool set Copy done on a blueprint machine Is $13, shipped first class in a tube.One side of a 17" x 21" broadsheet, no date but from 1880s.

Merwin, Hulbert & Co.-siz rifles with interchangeable shot barrels, and seven junior rifles from .22 BB to .44 Winchester; three Hopkins & Allen automatic ejecting revolvers, four "X. L." double action revolvers, with the revolvers shown actual size.

On the other side, three large-frame Merwin & Hulbert revolvers, two X. L. double action revolvers with folding hammers, four single action revolvers—Ranger, Blue Jacket, Dictator—for .22 Short to .32 Long rimfire, all shown actual size, and 37 specimens of American Metallic cartridge Co.’s ammunition illustrated actual size. Copies of both sides done on a blueprint machine and shipped first class in a tube, $20.

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