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Do you have a book inside you? The publisher George Hoyem, doing business as Armory Publications, can help you with editing and design of your manuscript, obtain printing/binding cost estimates, and administer your book through the production process. He is familiar with the best and most economical sources for fine printing. Your book can be published under the Armory Publications imprint, or under your own selected publishing name. Advice on marketing strategies is also available.

Should you be interested, please send and email message to . Illustrated below are several books produced for other authors. Each is the primary or only source of information on its subject.

Book - The M-16 Rifle and Its CartridgeBook - The Evolution of the WInchester
The British Falling Bolck Breechloading RifleWinchester Shotguns and Shotshells

Orders can be placed by contacting Armory Publications.
 Send us your contact information, name, phone, quantities of books and titles and we will contact you with availability and payment processing details. Shipping costs are calculated based on weight and final destination. Please do not send your credit card details by email.


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