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This series of articles was created by George Hoyem and Brian Clark. If you have box labels or cartridges you can’t identify, please share them with us and we will pass them on to others through this page, through the journals of the major cartridge collecting associations, and in the pages of the Cartridge Column in THE GUN REPORT magazine. We will photograph or scan cartridge specimens if you send them to Armory Publications at 2120 S. Reserve St., Box 253, Missoula, MT 59801. The best way to share box labels is to take them to a Kinko’s or Insty Print shop and reproduce them on their color copier. It costs less than a half dollar per shot and they can appear in full color in these pages. Mail the copies to me and I will return them, along with cartridges. You may also send us scanned images of your cartridges and boxes. Send them as email attachments or on disk to George Hoyem.


.32 S&W

U.S.C.Co Advertisement


 44-100 Maynard Model 1882

9.3 x 45R D Express and
9.3 x 47R MB Target 

.375 Hoffman, .50-110 Winchester and - 11mm Chassepot

An Unusual Winchester and Speer Newton Boxes

.270 Newton

A Teaser

.25-35 Remington Update

.32-40 Case Length

32-20 "A" Base?
An Update

9.3 x 36R

 .360 No. 5 Revolver

10mm Rimfire - 10mm Rimfire
- A 'What's-It?

 .50 North,
Winchester Flyer and
Supplemental Chamber

15mm Pinfire,  1" Gatling and 2 Bore Punt Gun

.35 Remington Experimental and .408 Winchester

.25-35 Remington

19mm Becker Cannon

.450/.400 2 7/8" BPE and New Kynoch Book


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